Horn Frequency Analyzers

Ultrasonic Technology Users,
Horn Frequency Analyzers
here comes your independence, for Ultrasonic Horns.
Seven decades after it was interouced as one of the path breaking technology, most of its user are heavilydependant on sullply of 'Ultrasonic Horn'. Any delay related to its procurement leads to complete chaos across the supply chain.
'Horn' is acoustically designed tool having its own 'designed' & Manufactured Frequency.
Horn Frequency Analyzers
Performance of horn depends upon :
Material of horn
Testing of manufactured horn
The Failed Ultrasonic Horn not only affects the speed, quality or aesthetics, but also creates potential denger of damaging converter or generator itself, reducing the life of machine. This definitely leadsto stoppage of production line.

Creating a full fledged set up or ultrasonic lab; where you can design, manufacture & test the 'Ultrasonic Horn' is the olny bur non practical solution for this issur or problem. The issue gets more complicated as you cannout use any horn as it is not a standard tool
that you get in market. The Ultrasonic Horn' is unique ror its application and can not be used for any other purpose.

So when a home fails, there are two ways you can get our of this issue, procurement from source / machine supplier or manufacturing the horn itself. However, these are not as easy options as they seem.
Let us look at hurdles :
1. Hurdles in procurement of 'Ultrasonic Horn' from Source or Machine Supplier :
• Availablity oif design wiht supplier
• Communication Delays
• Manufacturing delays
• Shipping time
2. Hurdles in Procurement of 'Ultrasonic Horn' from Source or Machine Supplier :
• Availability of design of 'Ultrasonic Horn' :
• Availability & know how about Horn Material
• Testing Equipment
So, where does it leaves us? Do we have choice to be truly independent? Yes, 'World Patented' 'Sonic Horn' technology enables you to design, manufacture and even test the 'Ultrasonic Horns' at your own premises. It is just creating a 'miniature Ultrasonic lab' in your factory.
'Sonic Horn' Package includes :
• JP's Ultrasonic Horn Making Technology Guide'
• Ultrasonic Horn Freq Testing Equipment (Least Count : 10 Hz)
• Technology Training
• Guidance on ' Ultrasonic Horn Material Procurement'
'Sonic Horn' Package is applicable for :
1. Welding (Plastic & Metal)
2. Sonicator
Also offered :
Horn designs (with one hour delivery promise)
Horn Material Consultancy
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