Automotive Ultrasonic Plastic Welding Equipment

Instrument panels, glove box/knee bolsters, instrument clusters, interior trim, HVAC housings, intake manifolds, carbon canisters, electronic modules, bottles, resonators, exterior lighting for Automotive ( Automobile ) Industry.

Medical Ultrasonic Plastic Welding Equipment

Cardiometry reservoirs, blood & gas filters, IV spikes, face masks, implantable devices, insulin pumps, drug delivery systems, surgical gowns for Medical Industry.

packaging Ultrasonic Plastic Welding Equipment

Corrugated boxes sealing machine,Condiment dispensers, blister packages, juice pouches, juice/milk cartons and spouts, pantyhose packages, plastic coated paper cups, toothpaste tubes for Packaging Industry.

commercial-and-electrical packaging Ultrasonic Plastic Welding Equipment
Commercial & Electrical

Inkjet and toner cartridges, media storage devices, battery packs, connectors, sensors, cell phones, audio / video cassettes, floppy / micro disks for Commercial & Electrical Industry.

white-goods commercial-and-electrical packaging Ultrasonic Plastic Welding Equipment
White Goods

Steam irons, pump housing, vacuum cleaner sub-assemblies, dishwasher spray arms, refrigerator components for White Goods Industry.

textiles Ultrasonic Plastic Welding Equipment
Textiles / Film Technology

Quilted and laminated fabrics, nonwoven materials, bedspreads, mattress pads, diapers, air and liquid filters, hook and loop materials for Textiles and Film Industry.

Automotive Parts

Automotive Parts


Engineering & Other

White Goods & Surgical
Communication & Electrical
Communication & Electrical
Communication & Electrical
Machine Capacities : Frequency - 15 KHz, 20 KHz, 30 KHz Power - 500W To 3000W
Ultrasonic Standard Welding Machine

Latest Circuits

PLC Controlled Generator / Fault Diagnoses Message

Time Least Count 0.001 sec

Parallety Adjustment Plate

Various Force Models are Available

Down Speed Adjustment

Dynamic Trigger

Serical Motorised Up Down

Ultrasonic Hand Held Gun
Ultrasonic Hand Held Gun

For Welding of bigger parts where standard welding hom cannot reach

20 KHz, 30 KHz, 40 khz

500 w & 1200w

Pistol & stapler type models

  1. Ultragun 500
  2. Ultragun 1200

Continuous Sealing Machine
Continuous Sealing Machine

Standard continuous sealing machine, stack models as per requirement.

20 KHz & 30 KHz models ae available

  1. Multihead System with ultrasonic heades working simultaneously.
  2. Multihead System with Automation conrinuous sealers for fabric sealing / cut And Seal Operation

Multihead Custom Build Systems

Multi head Ultrasonic Welding systems

Moving head with 2 & 3 axis

Automatic welding machines as per Customer requirement

  • Fabric Cut & Seal Machine

Ultrasonic Tube Sealing Machine
Ultrasonic Tube Sealing Machine

Ultrasonic tube sealing machine are available for thermoplastic coexturded & laminated tubes upto 50 mm dia., thickness upto 0.5 mm with neat & clean weld Various welding patterns available.

Model :

  • Ultraseal 1200
  • Ultraseal 3010
  • Ultraseal 1200 / 3010

Horn And Toolings
Horn And Toolings

We manufacturers all types of suitable Horns Tools as per application

Material used for Horn

  • Titanium
  • Aluminium
  • Tool Steel Horns are hardered, Anodised Chrome plate for longer life

Ultrasonic Metal Welding
Ultrasonic Plastic Welding
Ultrasonic Film Fabric Sealing
Ultrasonic Film Fabric Sealing