Ultrasonic PP Corrugated Box Welders / Welding Machines

We are Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of Ultrasonic PP Corrugated Box Welders, 4 Head Welder For Corrugated Box, 3 Head 12 Spot Welder, 1 Head Welder, 1 Head Welder For Corrugated Box, Ultrasonic Corrugated Box Welders, 4 Head Welder For Corrugated Box and our setup is situated in Pune, Maharashtra, India.

corrugated welder 4 head
4 Head Welder For Corrugated Box
corrugated welder 4 head
3 Head 12 Spot Welder
Ultrasonic PP Corrugated Box Welders
1 Head Welder

4 head corrugated box welder comes with ultrasonic welding generator stack welding stand. 1500w 20khz 4 no’s generators machine suitable to weld pp. corrugated boxes Comes with 5 programs storable PLC.


L*W*H=61"*32"*86" ( BASE WIDTH 32")
Approximately 1400kg
Table plate operating size
arm length 1200mm (can be modified on request) arm thickness 32mm.
Gray + Blue
Make SMC Japan, FORCE 1400N @5 Bar each head
Cylinder: Bore 0mm Stroke length50mm
Force trigger, Low pressure alarm and indication
Up down Drive
Linear rail bearings
Positive Stop
Positive stop with 1mm pitch
UG 2015 ( 20KHZ 1500W generator) * 4nos cascaded
PLC control
Indications: low air pressure, low voltage no earthling, emergency off
Input suppy
230v AC 1Phase
Ergonomic foot switch
Additional features:
Pressure switch for low pressure detection with PLC message

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  • PP box welder 1 head, 2 head, 3 head, 5 head
  • PP box welder hand gun

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  • Ultrasonic plastic welding machines
  • Ultrasonic hand held welding guns
  • Ultrasonic sewing machines
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1 Head Welder For Corrugated Box

Polypropylene corrugated Box welding machine Corrugated boxes are fast replacing traditional corrugated boxes In the case staples are fast replaced by ultrasonic welding.

  • No Scratch guarantee for packed items.
  • No rejection of packed items
  • Better aesthetic looks
  • No corrosion of joints means healthy packaging
  • Low running costs

Johnson Plastosonic has a variety of reliable Products for PP box welding those are :

  • Ultrasonic hand-held gun for manual operation.
  • Stand type pneumatic based system.
  • Multihead ultrasonic welding system.

Johnson Plastosonic has made multi-head ultrasonic welding system. In the system, we can weld up to 1100mm sheets in a single shot of 4 sec. duration.

Manual movements of sheets are not required and take a very small time to make PP boxes.

Ultrasonic Corrugated Box Welders
4 Head Welder For Corrugated Box

  • Corrugated box welders are used to making boxes from corrugated, flute, bubble guard sheets.
  • It eliminates the need for staples.
  • It has many advantages over stapling.
  • Single head systems, multi-head machines and spot welders are available.